Science-Based Coaching Services for Professionals with Personal, Family, or Relationship Problems

Are you a busy professional who is trying to manage life-work balance but something keeps coming in your way? Then you have come to the right place.


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If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or burnt out and you would love to feel joy and have energy again, this is for you.
It is also dedicated to entrepreneurs that would like to work on their interpersonal skills, self-confidence and communication skills to achieve their fullest potential.

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This is for you if you often find yourself losing focus at work because you can’t stop thinking about your child’s wellbeing.

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Relationships and

If you can’t focus on anything, because all you can think about is your pain, this is for you.
This is dedicated to women and men with unhealthy relationship patterns or getting over a break–up/divorce.

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Principles of My Work

Individual and Science-Based Approach for All

Active Listening

“We need a safe space to talk about hard things.”
You will tell me the story and I will listen.
You will have my fullest attention, support, and understanding without any judgment.
I will be present with you all along.

Identifying Patterns in your Story

Your story will reveal the patterns that you have been repeating over the course of your life.
Next, we will identify together which of those patterns stand in a way and which are vital.
Then, I will guide you to create new patterns that will improve your overall life and those around you.

Neuropsychology & Emotional Intelligence

You will learn why we have emotions and what is their purpose.
We will explore your emotional responses and the thoughts that accompany them.
We will use neuropsychology to help you regulate your emotions. I will guide you to name your emotions which will allow you to reframe your thoughts.
You will learn to connect with your body’s natural responses and use them as a compass for your wellbeing.

Boundary settings

Healthy boundaries are crucial in every aspect of your life
You will use your emotional intelligence to set them.
You will learn to communicate assertively with other people and learn to say “No” when needed.
Your newly-set boundaries will enable time and space for everything that is important for you.

Every change starts with the first step

The consequences of not stepping out of this vicious circle may influence your relationships, your family or yourself.
Don’t rely only on exercise, diet, or self-help books anymore.
While it is very helpful, real difference requires awareness of what really stands in your way and guidance to set healthy boundaries.

It is hard to face that alone and I am here to help you.

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“Once you experience your new self, you will never go back.”


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Monica Pivato

Web Developer & Content Marketing Specialist

Italy, 21st November 2021

When I first met Monika I was totally broken.
I had just lost my job, broken up with my boyfriend and flew to Tenerife trying to fix myself and give meaning to my life. I immediately felt comfortable talking to her. She could listen actively and without any judgment, and I could feel that she was extremely competent in her job. After a while I discovered that what apparently seemed to be just a heartbreak was just the top of the iceberg.
We started exploring my behavioral patterns and analyzing all my past experiences and my “wrong” coping mechanisms and she helped me creating a new structure for living my life in the most authentic way.
It was not an easy journey, but I thank every single day that moment when I met her because she has changed my life and my perception of it.
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Oscar di Pasquale

Marketing Consultant & ActiveCampaign Expert

Tenerife, 2nd January 2022

I chose Monika because she’s specialized in professionals and unifies psychology with entrepreneurship and self-development.
Thanks to her I figured out what I had to change in myself in order to be the person that I needed to become in order to achieve my personal and professional goals.

With her I understood the patterns that brought me to the condition I wanted to change and together we drew a map of the actions to be taken in order to become the best version of myself.
If you’re an entrepreneurial person I’m sure she can help you to go to the next level.
Anna Lawrence
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Anna Lawrence

Founder of Colour Blast

United Kingdom

I am a working mum of two wonderful children and at the same time I am building my own business. It can get really busy and when it gets hard, sessions with Monica ground me and serve me with lots of clarity. There are times when problems seem different from what they truly are. Sessions with Monika are helping me to keep up with my busy schedule, be a happy and a good mum without burning out.
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Marek M.

Sales Assistant


I went through a break up and most of all I was battling on courts with the mother of my child to be able to see them.
The challenges in my way were bigger than I expected and I needed extra set of skills to keep fighting, stay motivated and work on my strength and bravery. Monika made that possible for me and with a very positive outcome. I was strong enough to fight my battles and also to win them.
Tibor Ficza
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Tibor Ficza

Co-founder, CEO of Bevatron


I have been using Monika's services for a period of time now. She is continuously coaching me mainly to set boundaries, to set effective routines in the work area and also continuously trains me for effective leadership.
Since the beginning of our cooperation, my health and symptoms of overwork have improved significantly, and I finally have time for my hobbies and family. It also motivates me to travel more, which I currently enjoy very much.

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