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About Monika

A Passionate reader, speaker, traveler, and Specialist in the science of human behaviour

I have been teaching people to be self–aware, authentic, and make them see that they have power over their lives.

I have been studying human behavior for over 10 years.
I’ve been helping people with tremendous heartbreaks and anxiety, former prison inmates, parents with children with social or emotional issues, or people struggling with finding work-life balance.
Apart from my official education, I have learnt about diversity, different ways of living, challenges, and joys by living in London for over 16 years and by being a passionate world traveller. I travel to learn about people and life and to experience myself as an individual in different settings.
On my journeys, people allow me to enter their lives, stories, and their ways of living. I have seen people at their lowest and their highest. I have listened, observed, and guided them out of the loop and helped them create and navigate the map for their lives.
Above all, I faced mental health challenges myself. To find out more click here.

If you feel like “there is no way out” for you anymore, let me tell you:
“You don’t know, what you don’t know”.
There is a way and I can show it to you. Together we can achieve miracles.



BSc., Psychology, Middlesex University, London
MSc., Criminology with Forensic Psychology, Middlesex University, London


Top 3

modern university in the UK


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for entrepreneurs and business leaders in the UK



most international university in the world


Active Participant of The Common Studies Program in Critical Criminology, 2017 in Greece for professional development in the field with academics from universities across Europe and New York.


General Member of The Division of Coaching Psychology (DoCP) by The British Psychological Society for continuous development from the leading bodies in the field and an access to the latest research in the area of expertise.


Graduate Member of The British Psychological Society for access to events and communities from the field across the UK and for access to exclusive resources from the world of psychology.

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